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E16: Things Fall Apart – Exams, Inset days and the Eton Teacher


EPISODE 16 Things Fall Apart - Exams, Inset days and the Eton Teacher Including interviews with Sam Freedman and Toby Young, discussing exams, free speech for teachers to express their own views as well as the need for a range of perspectives to be presented to pupils. Also Martin and David discuss whether Inset days are a good thing. Including some items for discussion, this episode raises a lot of questions. Keep a lookout for the full length interviews by subscribing. Subscribe on YouTube

E16: Things Fall Apart – Exams, Inset days and the Eton Teacher2020-12-16T15:13:17+00:00

E14: Curriculum vs Data


EPISODE 14 Curriculum vs Data What do parents want for their child's education, do they worry about curriculum and pedagogy? Ed Dorrell and Jonathan Simons have been finding out for their organisation 'Public First'. James Pembroke gives us his thoughts about Primary Schools and data including how to measure progress. Carl Gombrich talks about the soon to been launched new university - London Interdisciplinary School and argues for the need for students to have more breadth in their studies.

E14: Curriculum vs Data2020-12-01T14:59:31+00:00

E13: Leadership – Trials and Tribulations, and Joys!


EPISODE 13 Leadership - Trials and Tribulations, and Joys! This week we have interviews with Barry Smith about leadership, Ros McMullen about Exams and her charitable venture 'Headrest' NB the web address for Headrest is https://www.headrestuk.co.uk (not the website referred to in the programme) and in the John Catt interview Tom Rees & Jennifer Barker talk about their contribution to the ResearchEd book on Leadership. Also David and Martin discuss workplace bullying and, also comments by the Shadow Education Secretary about traditional education. Check to see if you won - "10 Things Schools Get Wrong" by Jared [...]

E13: Leadership – Trials and Tribulations, and Joys!2020-11-24T15:56:50+00:00

E12: Progress and Tradition


EPISODE 12 Progress and Tradition This bumper edition explores the themes 'Progress and Tradition' - looking at rows with Conservative MPs and 'common-sense' in history teaching, and the challenges to schools on curriculum and behaviour policies following on from such movements as Black Lives Matter. A look at 'traditional' teaching of Latin and Classics and the 'John Catt book of the week '10 Things Schools Get Wrong'. With guests: Jonathan Mountstevens, Patrick Alexander, Ed Clarke, Jared Cooney Horvath and David Bott.

E12: Progress and Tradition2020-11-18T11:29:43+00:00

E6: School Cultures


EPISODE 6 School Cultures This week's show features interviews with Claire Stoneman & colleagues on the Exceptional Leadership Programme; Phil Beadle on cultural capital and working class culture and Sarah Dove on looking after students' and teachers' mental wellbeing.

E6: School Cultures2020-10-08T12:14:11+01:00

E5: Useful and Beautiful


EPISODE 5 Useful and Beautiful In this week’s episode of It’s your time you’re wasting! We have an interview with E.D. Hirsch, talk to David Goodhart about Head, Hand, Heart and have a chat with Mary Myatt about being back on track.

E5: Useful and Beautiful2020-10-07T12:18:22+01:00

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