Bespoke CPD


Get targeted CPD for your organisation with the convenience and ease of a webinar. Customised based on subject, group size, and needs within your organisation. David Didau has worked with hundreds of schools in the UK and abroad. He can lead bespoke online and offline CPD on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, those listed below.

Flexible scheduling


Intimate or large groups

Own context

Developing and Delivering CPD

The Learning Spy Academy can deliver high quality online CPD in the form of webinars or online courses (courses currently in development) on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Behaviour management
  • Education research
  • Literacy
  • Feedback, assessment, marking
  • Curriculum design
  • English teaching
  • Teacher development
  • Instructional design

Every webinar will include an intake meeting in order to get a clear idea of your context, needs, existing policies and targets. This will help us fine-tune content and delivery and ensure a high quality experience for your audience. The webinars will typically consist of a lecture and and live Q&A. It’s also possible for client-representatives to join the webinar through our studio and present a word of welcome/ introduction before the official start of the webinar. Optionally, the webinar can include a panel or extra speakers or trainers (surcharge). Learning Spy Academy has an extensive network of trainers and speakers who can deliver high quality CPD in line with our standards and values; we’re also happy to engage with trainers or speakers suggested by the client.

It was a real ‘coup’ for us to have you and the staff were unanimous in their praise of you. It’s the best feedback I’ve ever had (both anecdotally and on formal feedback forms); staff described it as the best morning’s CPD they had ever had.

Gillian Fergusson
Deputy Rector, Hutcheson’s Grammar School, Glasgow

Thank you for delivering a fantastic series of very thought-provoking and genuinely stimulating sessions. Feedback has been universally positive and it is undoubtedly the best teaching-focused INSET we have had here. The meetings afterwards produced a slew of excellent ideas inspired by what you said, and you have engaged staff in a manner that is really exciting for future teaching and the learning prospects for our students.

Sean Dunne
Deputy Head (Academic) Wycliffe College

Customised for your organisation

Get targeted CPD for your organisation with the convenience and ease of a webinar. Need a subject not listed? The Learning Spy Academy has a vast network of highly professional trainers and speakers who can deliver CPD via our platform.

Flexible scheduling


Intimate or large groups

Own context


£1000 / 1 hour session

Technical features

Learning Spy Academy offers managed webinars which means a director will assist during the webinar. The director will switch between several shot compositions, showing for example the speaker full screen, showing the speaker and powerpoint slide, showing graphics / our powerpoint slides full screen when so directed or when appropriate, etcetera. In case of multiple speakers and/or a panel, the director will switch between showing multiple speakers, solo-shots and shots with multiple speakers. Being able to switch between multiple shots ensures a more impactful session by being able two highlight content when appropriate and work with any media that may reinforce the subject. The changing image also means it’s easier for your audience to stay engaged.

The webinar may include, audio, video and graphical content as well as screens sharing from one or more devices. “Mixing” these media types into the broadcast (webinar) will go through our studio which ensures a pleasant and smooth experience for your audience.

Up to 10 persons can join the webinar as panellist through our studio. During a preparatory meeting, we will discuss the subject as well as the panel dynamic with panellists. On the day of the webinar panellists sign into our studio about an hour before we go “live” using a private link. The host and panellists will be able to have final discussions and make final preparations in our virtual studio environment.

Every webinar can be hosted on a private section of the Learning Spy Academy platform, exclusively accessible for your audience (150 accounts included in fee) for the duration of one year (extension possible) for on-demand viewing by your audience.

Learning Spy Academy uses a separately recorded, high resolution (1080p), high quality version of the webinar for on-demand viewing.

Learning Spy Academy can brand the webinars and your on-demand environment using your organisations’ logos and/or other design elements. Your branding will be used during the live version of the webinar as well as the on-demand version.

Learning Spy Academy supports most platforms up to 100 attendees (MS Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype). Above 100 and up to 1000 attendees we prefer using the Webinar Jam or Zoom. For webinars with an attendance of over 1000 people, we offer Webinar Jam.

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