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Leading on literacy can be a thoroughly thankless task. It can often feel like you’re working incredibly hard to produce resources and strategies which colleagues at best ignore and at worst resent. The problem is often that we’re expending effort in the wrong place and trying to persuade teachers to do the wrong things. Frustratingly, there’s very little guidance about how best to spend your precious and it can be hard to find clear information on what approaches are likely to be most successful.

Our advice is to minimise the amount of time spent on apostrophe worksheets and spelling posters. It’s not that these things are unhelpful, rather that they often attempt to solve a problem that’s much more deeply rooted.

The vast majority of literacy difficulties trace their roots back to problems with reading. This course aims to give teachers and school leaders the tools to help struggling readers flourish in the classroom.

What’s included?

Get instant access to 4 modules featuring 8 HD training videos, each averaging 7 minutes in length, 15 sections of reading materials, and quizzes to test what you’ve learned.

The reading materials are available as a PDF download so you can access it offline.

Where do I find my course?

After purchase, you can find your course by navigating to  My courses in the main menu.

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Course content

Module 1: The Matthew Effect
Module 2: Reading Fluency
Module 3: Reading Comprehension
Module 4: Building a Reading Culture
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